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Op Lighting Adds Independent Directors to Optimize Corporate Governance

Public Date:2018-06-07 09:34:44 Visits:

Recently, the domestic lighting industry leader Op lighting (603515) announced that it is planned to add the accounting professor of the China Europe International Business School and Mr. Su Xijia, deputy director of EMBA, as an independent director. It is reported that Professor Su Xijia is mainly engaged in international accounting, auditing, corporate management, accounting and auditing in China, and has in-depth research and understanding of corporate governance and management. This time, the addition of Mr. Su Xijia will effectively improve the governance structure of the Op lighting company and improve management efficiency.

At the same time, two other independent directors of Op Lighting, Professor Liu Jiaxuan and Professor Huang Yichang, also have extensive experience in strategic planning of the international market, management of multinational companies, and the future layout and R&D direction of the high-tech industry. In the future, with the addition of Prof. Su Xijia, the Op Lighting Group, which brings together a number of experts, will further improve the corporate governance structure, improve the quality and efficiency of decision-making on major issues, and provide support for the long-term strategic development plan of the company.

According to the information in the 2017 annual report, OP Lighting adheres to its own global brand strategy and focuses on the expansion of the strategic market region. At the same time, in the process of industrial upgrading, the lighting industry is facing a deep integration with new technologies such as smart homes and the Internet of Things. At present, Op Lighting has long-term layout in the direction of the Internet of Things and intelligent lighting, and will accompany the road of globalization and advance together.